Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level

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From the development of new medicines and electronic gadgets to how we control levels of pollution or identify materials in outer space, the study of chemistry plays an important role in the modern world. Take a virtual tour of our Derby Road campus.

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Find out what our students get up to as part of their A Level studies. Take me there. Following your application you will normally be offered a place to study A Levels subject to achieving the entry requirements and attending a welcome taster. A Level certification is awarded upon completion of three examinations at the end of the two year course.

A certificate of practical competence if also awarded upon completion of twelve required practical tasks during the course. Further study at university-level. Chemistry is a compulsory requirement for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary, and science degrees. An A Level in chemistry will help you to build and develop your knowledge of the three main areas of chemistry physical, organic and inorganic through a good mix of practical and theory based work.

Core areas will include linking atomic structure to the chemical and physical properties of materials, investigating factors which affect the rate and energy changes of a chemical reaction, and synthesising complex organic molecules from simple precursors. In addition, to help you gain essential skills for employment, every student aged under 19 and studying a full-time course at college will take part in our study programmes alongside their main subject qualification.

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Find out more. The Chemistry A Level can lead on to degree courses such as forensic science, veterinary science, medicine, chemical engineering or a degree related to the study of health. The skills and knowledge developed on this course can forge a career for you in fields such as pharmaceutical research, nursing, physiotherapy and veterinary medicine.

Once we have received your application form we will invite you into college for an interview or audition where we will be able to discuss every aspect of the course you have chosen, as well as any alternatives you may be considering. You will also have the opportunity to visit the areas of the college used for your programme choice. Please indicate below if you would like us to send you this information.

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AS and A-level Chemistry

By providing us with your personal details you are consenting for the college to retain these details in order to contact you in response to your enquiry. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us on or enquiries wnc. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Are these useful subjects to get into relevant courses? Would this be too narrow for other options? These subjects are spot-on for Music Therapy, which is usually taken as a Masters following an undergraduate degree in a related subject, such as Psychology.

If he decides to take a different route, he could easily study Music, social sciences, other Psychology-related options or Law, and has not ruled out Maths or English Literature either though for Maths it would be better to have Further Maths and for English Literature it would be better to have another essay subject — however, both options remain achievable. I have decided to take Physics, Chemistry and Maths for my A-levels. However, for my fourth option I am confused on what to take, but I am sure that I want to keep my options open.

I have Religious Studies in mind as a possible fourth option because I loved studying it at GCSE, even though I know it does not count as a facilitating subject. Furthermore, Religious Studies is not facilitating because it does not have broad application, but it is nonetheless highly respected.

Thus, we think this is an excellent set of options. October 15, at pm. Hi I am grade 10 and english is mot my native language. But if i do a levels, i want to do eng, maths, computer IT , physic and design and art. Or is it ok because i am not going to study languages even though i am a foreigner. Thank you so much for your information. October 16, at am. You can read our guide to English language exams here.

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Hi, Its me again. Thank you for the reply. I have actually started my A-levels and have chosen three subjects; Psychology, Business studies and Media studies. Do you think this is an acceptable combination? S My future aim is Film and Television. However, for Film and Television the really important thing is getting work experience, not which A-levels you choose.

October 14, at pm. Students with your combination of A-levels most often study Psychology, English literature or Sociology. You could possibly study Biology, but you will probably find it difficult without having studied Maths or Chemistry. Are these suitable?

How to get an A* in A level Chemistry / tips and resources

While a lot of students applying for History degrees will have studied English, you will not be at a disadvantage by not studying it. History plus any of the other three subjects you mention would be entirely suitable; after all, languages at A-level also involve a significant essay-writing component so you will get to practise your all-important essay skills in more than one subject. I would like to know the perfect combination in A-levels acceptable for most universities for Film and Television making career. There are no essential A-levels for Film and Television courses, though English Literature is often highly recommended.

Some courses that lean more towards the technical production aspects of Film and TV prefer students to have a science A-level. However, by far the most important thing for a career in Film and TV is work experience. Aim for a university that is near a centre of the film or TV industry in the UK, London and Manchester are two such hubs and try to get as much work experience as you can.

‘My life would’ve been very dull and basic if I’d got those three Bs’ - Carrie, 28

Do you think these subjects would be suitable and a good combination? With two facilitating subjects in the list I thought that that would be sufficient I suspect it is not required for ALL of the subjects to be facilitating to get into a Russell Group University , but I would just like to check before I finalize my choices. If you are definitely not interested in Oxbridge in which case, we would recommend choosing at least three facilitating subjects out of four , those subjects will be fine. I am struggling to decide what A levels to take.

Are there any A levels I can do that would help with that? If you are strongly considering studying Maths at university, you should definitely take Further Maths. That would leave you with a strong set of A-levels for studying Maths, German, or any other language ab initio. That will also leave you well-placed with the skills required to become an estate agent.

International AS / A-level Chemistry (version 4.2)

You would also be well-advised to try and get work experience in sales or marketing. Universities often have jobs for students in the alumni office where you ring up alumni and try to persuade them to donate , which would give you this kind of experience. October 13, at pm. There is literally no other option for me in replacement of RE. Do you think I should stick it out with RE? Thank you for your time! October 14, at am. After college I am interested in either going into law or forensic science.

You need to add a strong essay subject to the mix if you want to keep the Law path open. We strongly recommend you take the two sciences and History all the way to A2 if you want keep Law and Forensic Science as viable options. October 13, at am.

International AS / A-level Chemistry (version ) | Oxford International AQA Examinations

Is Maths, Economics, Law and Accounting a preferred combination? Or should I replace accounting with English Literature? If yes,may I know if Eng Literature is considered hard for a student who has not learned any Literature in English in high school like me? Look forward to your reply and thanks for reading. If you want to read Law at University you will need at least one strong essay subject, preferably History or English Literature.

The latter is out of the question, because you have insufficient experience. History is a better option, although it will be demanding, make no mistake. You should also consider replacing Economics and Law with facilitating subjects — read this article for more details. I enjoy Maths, Biology and RS.

Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level
Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level

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