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They are a glossy light green, hairless, softly to thinly leathery and conspicuously veined. Simple with an entire, wavy margin, variable in size, up to x 60 mm but usually smaller, mostly oval, tapering abruptly to a rounded or blunt tip while the base tapers onto the stalk.

The flowers are large, showy, creamy white and heavily perfumed, particularly at night. They open from elegantly furled creamy-green buds. The flowers do not turn yellow as they age on the bush. Flowers are produced abundantly during summer October to March , peaking in late summer January to March.

The fruits are hard and woody, and heavily fibrous inside, and where not being browsed by large antelope, can remain on the bush for years. Each fruit is egg-shaped, greyish green, x 35 mm, when mature roughly dotted with whitish encrustations.

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It occurs primarily in evergreen forest and forest margin, occasionally in woodland and bushveld. This species was named after Carl Thunberg, pupil of Linnaeus and a well-known 18th century botanist and traveller in South Africa. The Afrikaans common name buffelsbal means buffalo testicles, a reference to the shape of the fruit.

The Zulu name umvalasangweni means the back-gate closer and refers to the fact that it and other spiny shrubs and trees are used as the gates for cattle kraals. Gardenia thunbergia was the first of the South African gardenias to be known to botanists, and was introduced to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, in The gardenia family Rubiaceae is a large, cosmopolitan family containing genera and 10 species. This family's greatest claim to fame is the South American quinine tree, Cinchona , whose bark yields quinine, the first drug ever used to treat malaria.

Coffee, Coffea arabica, is also a member of this family. In South Africa, the family is best known for its decorative flowering trees and shrubs: Gardenia, Rothmannia, Hyperacanthus, Alberta and Burchellia. The genus Gardenia consists of approximately 60 species that occur in tropical and warm parts of the Old World. Gardenia thunbergia can be readily distinguished from other similar species growing in South Africa, but is possibly often confused with other species growing in Zimbabwe and further north.

It may be distinguished from G. Another distinguishing feature is that G. Gardenias are also quite similar to rothmannias, but an easy way to distinguish them is by their flowers: gardenia flowers are tubular with many petals, whereas rothmannia flowers are funnel shaped with only five petals. Moths are attracted to the flowers and are probably the pollinators.

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The fruits do not burst or split open, or drop, and can remain on the bush for years. They are adapted to being eaten by elephants, large antelope and buffalo, and the seed coats are tough enough to pass through their digestive systems unscathed. Unless man intervenes, the seeds will not be released from the fruits and dispersed unless these animals eat them. Harvesting Gardenia thunbergia seed is hard work. We have to use hammers, or any heavy, blunt instrument we can find to break the fruits open, and nails and heavy duty spoons to scoop the seeds out.

It is heavy, laborious, unpopular work! Roots are widely used in Africa to treat skin diseases, and skin lesions caused by leprosy. The roots are also used as an emetic against fever. The rootbark is used as an emetic for biliousness, and to treat gall bladder problems. Massage can be a very important tool for relieving chronic headaches.

It can be used proactively to prevent headaches and also retroactively to help relieve a headache that is. While many people think of massage as a treat for special occasions, the truth is that regular massage can be extremely beneficial, especially during the summer months. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting a massage this summer:.

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Webmail Log in. White Gardenia Holistic Studio. There are several reasons that coconut … Continue reading. It can be used proactively to prevent headaches and also retroactively to help relieve a headache that is … Continue reading.

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White Gardenia Gardenia thunbergia Sku Partial shade to partial sun. Light Needs. USDA Zone? There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone.

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White Gardenia White Gardenia
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