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After crossing a building via a plank, Joel asks Ellie if "[the view] is everything [she] hoped for". After Ellie responds, Joel briefly glances at his watch, reminded by his daughter Sarah. However, Tess snaps him out of his daydreaming. They finally reach the rendezvous point in the Capitol Building, only to find the Firefly extraction team dead something Joel had begun to expect after finding several notes left by them and the military closes in.

When Joel tries to convince Tess they should "just go home" and that such a thing is "not us", she reveals that she too had been infected most likely from the struggle with a Runner in the museum. She compares her bite to Ellie, proving Ellie's immunity by how Tess's bite is swollen and throbbing while Ellie's is clear and healed. Tess insists Ellie and Joel continue on their own and find Tommy, who will guide them to another Firefly group.

The military are then outside the Capitol building. She says that she can buy them some time by fighting the military, fully knowing that she will die in the conflict. Ellie feels guilty about Tess' sacrifice, but Joel firmly says to never bring it up.

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The pair make it to a subway, avoiding soldiers and a Humvee. They cross through a dark, flooded, subway; seeing that Ellie can breathe in the spores without any sign of her infection worsening solidifies Joel's belief that she is immune. Joel plans to go to a town where he believes they can meet Bill , the mechanic who owes him a favor.

Gregory David Roberts was a wanted man, and Sam Cochran on crisis intervention

They spend the morning heading there, soon coming to a woods which separates the road from the town. Determining it to be quicker than the road, Joel leads Ellie through the woods. Joel is astounded that Ellie has never walked in the woods or seen real fireflies before. They manage to get inside, finding the place full of Infected and booby-traps.

Joel reveals he has never visited Bill personally at the town, preferring to rendezvous at various checkpoints nearer Boston; he claims Bill is the only person living there, "as far as [he] knows. The trap having attracted Infected, he is forced to fight off Infected with just his revolver while Ellie attempts to get him down. Once down, a Runner attempts to bite him, but he is saved by a masked man revealed to be Bill who decapitates the Infected with his machete.

Once safe, the meeting does not go well. Bill is annoyed that Joel and Ellie destroyed many of his traps to find him.

After making peace, Bill devises a plan to retrieve a battery from a crashed military truck, stating that if he does this, he owes Joel nothing from then on. Joel and Ellie are taken by Bill to a church, Bill's personal armory. While Bill loads two shotguns, he tries to convince him to give up on the mission, citing that Tess can't be happy with his "worst job on record Not desiring to hear Bill's complaints, he asks if they can just "get on with it", irritating Bill. As they do leave, Joel tries to stop Ellie from staring at burnt corpses but the teenager just states she had "seen worse".

Despite encountering numerous Infected and even a Bloater at an old high school, it seemed all for nothing when the car battery they needed was not where it should be. Joel begins to ask Bill what their next plan is only for it to results in the pair arguing, Bill insulting Tess in the process, greatly infuriating Joel. Just as he goes to fire back, Bill freezes in place, staring at a hung corpse. Joel spitefully asks who the person is, quickly changing his tone to one of remorse when he learns it is Bill's former partner; Frank.

Joel tries to console Bill but the sound of an engine distracts them, reminding them of the need to press on: they can't dwell on the past. It turns out Frank had acquired the battery for himself, having fitted it in a truck Ellie has just started.

Watching Bill assess the vehicle, he learns they need to push the truck to recharge the battery via the alternator. Ellie asks him what he wants her to do; Joel trusts Ellie enough that he lets her drive the vehicle. Joel leaves Ellie to keep the motor running as he bids Bill farewell.

The True Story of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Characters

The pair briefly remark how Ellie "held her own back there" though Bill believes he and Ellie "ain't gonna make it". Joel is gifted a siphon hose by Bill and awkwardly attempts to offer his condolences regarding the loss of Frank; Bill just scrubs it off, asking if they're "square". Joel confirms they are: Bill no longer owes him anything. With that, he returns to the truck, taking off with Ellie for Pittsburgh. Joel spends much of the journey driving, leaving Ellie to sleep. As the morning arrives, Joel comes to a blocked entrance at the city of Pittsburgh.

Although he is weary about entering the city, he does so anyway. The pair drive deep into the city before Joel slams the brakes at the sight of a man stumbling in the road, pleading for assistance. Although Ellie wants to help the man, Joel frantically puts his seatbelt on, telling her to do the same.

Joel, recognizing a tactic he had used when he was a hunter , knows the ruse. He accelerates in to the man, almost being shot as the man drops the act and orders his comrades to attack the truck. Eventually, the pair crash in to a bookstore. Joel and Ellie manage to escape, almost being killed in the process, fleeing away from the highway. They then battled through the city, fighting numerous hunters on the way. Joel spies a Humvee being used by the hunters to kill "tourists", their word for outsiders. The two bond as Joel answers Ellie's questions regarding life before the disease destroyed the world.

One question in particular, regarding a Dawn of the Wolf poster, reminds Joel of Sarah; that pair had saw it shortly before the outbreak. When asks why Joel would have watched such a "dumb teen movie" he lies saying he doesn't remember, wanting to avoid telling Ellie about his daughter. To "lighten the mood", Ellie's reveal a joke book she possesses, quoting several jokes from it as they go to take their minds off of the dangers in the world, if all too briefly. Joel becomes separated from Ellie when the pair climb an elevator shaft, the elevator giving way, sending Joel plummeting to the bottom.

Ellie, safe on the ledge, tries to climb down to Joel but he demands that she stay put, wanting to make his own way to her. Joel manages to make it out of the basement, facing Infected as he does so.

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As he tries to return to Ellie, he is ambushed by a hunter, speedily being detained underwater. He desperately reaches for his handgun but can't reach it, the hunter grappling his arm to prevent his escape. Luckily, Ellie appears at the last second, shooting the hunter dead; saving Joel's life. Despite the fact that Ellie is initially in shock from having killed a person for the first time, Joel scolds her for disobeying his orders. Ellie argues back, telling Joel that, though it wasn't easy for her, it was either "[Joel] or him", and he could at least thank her for "saving [his] ass.

Although disappointed Ellie has only ever shot a BB gun at rats, he teaches her how to use it regardless. He also vaguely thanks her for saving him, making Ellie happier that Joel is starting to trust her, and that the two are beginning to bond. Soon after, The pair encounter the Humvee in person when traversing through the streets, managing to out run it despite its heavy fire power. The two decide to enter a building via the balcony in order to get off the streets.

While doing so, Joel is grabbed from behind by what he presumes is another hunter. Joel eventually overpowers him, however, Ellie shouts for him to stop; a teenage boy is pointing a gun at him. Joel backs off, making peace with the two.

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Upon learning their names, Henry and Sam , Joel cautiously agrees to follow them to a hideout; "it will be safer if we chat there". Once there, Henry offers Joel blueberries having found "a whole stash of them". Joel politely refuses, wanting to learn why they haven't left yet.

As Ellie and Sam converse in the background, Henry explains that the bridge the only real exit is heavily guarded by day but is reduced to just a skeleton crew at night. After Joel reveals he is looking for the Fireflies as well, Henry tells him his plan to go to a radio station just out of the city to reunite with the survivors of his group. Joel agrees to join him, shortly going to sleep to "rest up". The four decide to team up to escape the hunter area through the sewers and suburbs. The pair slowly bonded with the brothers; Joel personally discussed his love of motorbike riding with Henry, who was envious for Joel riding one yet not going into detail about the story.

When Ellie left them, Henry confessed his regret at having to tell Sam about the loss of their friends, which Joel sombrely nods to. By morning, Joel was up early, looking out the window as Henry made breakfast. However, they were disturbed by Ellie's screams, who came crashing into the room, tackled by an infected Sam.

Joel raced to his gun but Henry shot at him, not wanting to see Sam die. Regardless, Henry shot Sam dead as Joel went for his gun again. Overcome with grief, Henry shot himself in the head despite Joel's efforts to dissuade the distraught man. Following the events in Pittsburgh, the duo continue westward to reach the Fireflies. They reach a dam and try to cross through. While opening the gate, a women and two men hold then at gunpoint. As Joel tries to get the the group to let them pass through, someone on the inside begins opening the door - the man is revealed to be Tommy.

To Joel's surprise, his brother hugs him and briefly remark to each other about their age. Tommy introduces him to Maria , the settlement's leader. The woman says she is sorry, and comments that Joel is her brother in law, surprising Joel at the prospect of Tommy having gotten married. Maria takes note of Ellie, who has remained quiet, and invites them to eat. The group enter the settlement, amazed to find such a place.

Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)
Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)
Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)
Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)
Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)
Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)
Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1) Sam The Bandit (My Life Stories Book 1)

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