Prophecy and Discernment

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Some commentators draw a direct line from the spiritual gift of prophecy to the gift of discerning spirits, but I am not sure this argument can be sustained.

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All Christians are responsible to test words of teaching and prophecy. In doing this they modeled the task of all believers. Christians are ultimately responsible for what they choose to believe, no matter whether or not they have been gifted with the spiritual gift of discernment. While all Christians are responsible for what they believe, it seems clear that some people are especially gifted by God for this task.

This is not merely a gift, but a responsibility.

False prophets love to use deceptive language. For the purpose of unmasking these prophets the Lord provides this gift and thus enables his church to turn from lying spirits to the one Spirit of truth. The power and influence of spirits can be discerned in word, deed, and appearance. Satan communicates in words that are inconsistent with Scripture and which convey information we know to be false.

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This happened when Satan approached Eve and directly contradicted what God had told her Genesis You are a hindrance to me. And so every word about God or that supposedly comes from God must be carefully tested and examined in light of the Bible.

As Satan and his spirits communicate in word, they also communicate in deed. Just as Jesus was able to perform miracles, so Satan and his minions are able to perform signs and wonders.

Prophecy and Truth

Deeds, no matter how extraordinary and how beneficial they appear, must be examined and compared to the Word of God. Griffin received a Ph. VOLUME is a Los Angeles collective dedicated to presenting time-based work by emerging and established artists engaged in sound-based practices. Through performances, concerts, exhibitions, screenings and workshops, VOLUME fosters a critical understanding of politics and aesthetics in relation to sound and sound-based practices.

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Purchase Tickets. Rather than the erasure of oneself, the gesture is also grand: erasing the singular emphasis and using infinity as a texture. He addresses contemporary difficulties with the whole idea that humans might speak for God and analyses the nature of authentic spirituality.

Throughout the discussion the premise is that the biblical treatment of discernment illuminates the fundamental human issue of the need to know who may be trusted and why.


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Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment
Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment
Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment
Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment
Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment
Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment
Prophecy and Discernment Prophecy and Discernment

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