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It is ironic that this woman walks around insisting on independence from men and wanting the right to do whatever she wants, when in reality at least in the context of this book without a man in her life she'd be dead several times already.

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She gets an idea in her head and instead of thinking logically about it, she tells herself that she's a, modern, intelligent and independent woman and can't she do what she likes? So she goes off half-cocked into some dangerous situation and gets herself into trouble, thus demonstrating she's not so intelligent after all. And she ends up relying on someone else a man to get her out of trouble - so not so independent either.

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After the fourth time she'd done it, and Malachi, Stephen and Thomas are all standing around trying to figure out what to do, I was crossing my fingers that they'd vote to keep out of it, let the supposedly independent woman get herself out of her own scrape and hope she comes out of it with a little bit of humility.

Emma for all that she wanted women's rights, seemed to work against her cause in her actions and her attitude. She's determined to experience sexual pleasure because she wants to be such a liberated woman that she lies to Malachi about her sexual experience. She leads him to believe she's experienced and so when offered a night with her, Malachi doesn't turn her down.

They have a conversation beforehand, whereby she tells Malachi that she knows what she's doing, she's not hoping for marriage and that she's already taken care of contraception.


Well, he finds out much differently that's for sure. She's actually a virgin, and after an incredibly awkward deflowering scene whereby she screams and bleeds profusely, she informs him that she's not actually protected and that she hadn't given any thought to contraception even after he'd mentioned it? So in her selfish pursuit of sexual liberation, she allowed Malachi to risk a child and possibly having to marry her.

He had every right to be pissed off with her and I can't believe he forgave her. So I wanted to throw-my-kindle because of this woman.

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Now, Malachi was no perfect peach himself, but his issues mildly misogynistic, but surprisingly open-minded for the times paled in comparison to this woman's. I was sadly disappointed to see she'd survived the story. Nov 21, Debbi rated it it was ok. I was really looking forward to reading this book. It sounded like an interesting legal murder mystery. It has good bones: the story of a poor girl, Alma, who shoots her lover after he abandons her for another.

She finds herself facing a legal system that is biased against women, in a time when women have few rights and can't vote. Her lawyer, Malachi River's, takes a unique strategy in her defence. Emma Knight is a woman of wealthy family, who is a journalist, and owns a newspaper with her uncle. Initially dismissive of Alma's story, as she learns more she begins to understand how things aren't always as clear as they seem.

She begins working with Malachi Rivers to learn more about what really happened. As she gets to know Malachi, she finds herself strongly attracted to him.

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And here's where the book goes south, in my opinion. Rather than focusing on what is arguably an interesting story, the book diverges into Malachi's urges and Emma's perhaps not so virginal passions. Enough with the heaving bosoms and ramrod straight mail parts, I just want to know what Malachi is going to in the courtroom, not the bedroom, to get Alma justice. I got so irritated that I have to admit, I didn't finish the book. Too many books and not enough time to read them, made this not worth the time to finish it. On to the next one! Jun 14, Jean rated it liked it.

Malachi Rivers has set out to defend his client, Alma Bentley.

Alma is accused of murdering her employer's son after he rejected her affections and turned to another woman. The time is and women are beginning to fight for their rights as equals to men. Emma McKnight enters the picture. Emma is the co-owner of the town newspaper. She has been brought up in riches, but has an underlying determination to prove that women have some of the same feelings as men and should be treated equally. Emma Malachi Rivers has set out to defend his client, Alma Bentley.

Emma and Malachi team up to defend Alma and uncover a gruesome secret about one of the town's richest families. Dec 31, Carol Crigger rated it liked it. I liked the premise of this story. The lawyer and the female newspaper reporter cooperating to solve the mystery works for me. And the time period early s is one of my favorites.

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However, IMO, the story got lost in what went beyond sensual romance remember, IMO to soft porn, which, although I may have missed the warning, was not noted. When the author went to the "romance" parts, the mystery plot got lost. Apr 07, Shelly rated it liked it. Okay This is the first Jo Robertson book I've read. It was okay. It is easy to read but falls into a more or less romance novel versus a historical fiction. There are several erotic scenes, and the f-bomb which it really could have done without.

I liked the characters, Emma made me laugh with her crazy and sassy attitude, but I thought if this was historical the author could have delved deeper into women's rights and shown that Emma helped that movement. Dec 18, Judi rated it it was ok Shelves: meh. I didn't care for this book that seemed like a romance novel where most things are just a tad too predictable.

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For me I am 66 there was just too much sex which I was constantly paging over. I realize that is a personal choice and lots of readers would probably like that part but I'm too far past it.

I found the story line overall boring but forced myself to finish Oct 13, Jean rated it liked it Shelves: romance , fiction , historical-mystery , regency-romance. Takes place turn of the century in northern california. Hero is a criminal defense attorney who is helped and challenged by a modern, rich girl who runs the local paper.

A lower class woman is on trial for murdering her lover; but the trial brings to light a tale of family secrets worth murdering for to keep hidden. Characters were somewhat shallow which detracted from the story for me. Plot predictable. Aug 17, Nancy Smith rated it it was amazing.


Loved it! Frail Blood was full of social issues, who-done-its, and the passion of two people for each other.

The love scenes were written tastefully. The combination of being in court and traveling kept my attention. I really loved this book. I look forward to reading more books by Jo Robertson. Jan 25, Beth rated it liked it. I was pretty unimpressed and almost gave up more than once. The book summary seemed interesting, but I knew pretty soon into it that it was really just a formula romance in disguise. I started to quit then, but the story line was decent so I continued. But in the end, it was just trite and somewhat disappointing. Apr 29, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: free-kindle-books. This wasn't quite what I expected, but I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story.

I have to admit that the heroine reminded me a little of the coed in a horror film who hears a noise in the basement and goes to investigate even though she knows that there is a serial killer on the loose. She took a number of very foolish risks. Overall, an enjoyable quick read. Oct 15, Marilou Hatler rated it it was amazing.

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