Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)

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Action Comics

Pencils Harry Lucey Inks? Genre humor; science fiction; teen Characters Archie Andrews Keywords dentist; extraterrestrials; flying saucers.

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View: Large Edit cover. She meets Archie, who is trying to fix up Reggie with a date and can't find anyone. So that night, Reggie dates a girl who fits in the palm of his hand. Reprints in Archie Double Digest Archie, series May Keywords chemistry; double date; flying saucer; miniature alien; slang.

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Royal Twins; U. The Tiptoe Tip-Off! Letters Joe Edwards Genre humor; children Characters Li'l Jinx Synopsis Jinx tries to sneak into the house, but her trail of muddy footprints betrays her. Reprints in The Best of Archie Comics Archie, series 3 [August] in Archie Double Digest Archie, series September Keywords black eye; fortune-telling; palm-reading; roller skates; tin can Indexer Notes This story, a showcase for Harry Lucey's gift for silent comedy, has no dialogue until the final page.

Archie follows, not knowing that Reggie has found the string and tied it to a dog instead.

Letters Marty Epp Genre humor; horror-suspense; teen Characters Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Vampire Synopsis Archie and Jughead go to a cemetery at midnight and meet a vampire who takes them to his castle on the hill. But no matter what he does, he can't scare these idiots. Reprints in Jughead with Archie Digest Archie, series 63 July Keywords black cat; camera; cemetery; coffin; mirror; vampire Indexer Notes One clue to the identity of the inker, apart from the style, is that the tombstone in the splash panel reads "R.

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Archie Series Laugh , , , , Archie Series Pep , , Archie Series Archie and Me 30, 41, Archie Series Life with Archie , Life With Archie 9 Fine 6. The Beatles Summer Love Comic.

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Charlton Comics Group. Teen confessions Vol. Nice condition. Time for Love 11 Jul , Charlton. Girls' Love Stories series very fine comic.

Romance Comics Silver Age ()

Just Married 23 Jan , Charlton 8. Young Romance V. Patsy Walker F August Patsy and Hedy FN 6. Romantic Adventures, 86, G,, Al Williamson.

Comic Books

Love Diary 68 Sep , Charlton. Millie the Model Jan , Marvel.

Archie Vol 1 123

Secret Hearts 40 June VG. I Love You 55 Feb , Charlton. Tippy Teen 14 G- Tower coloring book cover. Justice League of America 20 VG- 3. Justice League of America 17 VG 4. Justice League of America 26 VG 4.

Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)
Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)
Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)
Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)
Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)
Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)
Archie Comics 123 (November 1961) Archie Comics 123 (November 1961)

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